September 30, 2011
The future of consumer loyalty in travel is social media

Today, travel brands are urged to think of social media as more than a one-way marketing channel.

Some factoids to consider:

  • There are more airlines on Twitter than carriers with frequent flyer schemes (191 versus 179).
  • Nearly 90% of frequent flyers use Facebook regularly, with 65% having joined an airline’s fan page on the social network.
  • 72% of frequent fliers would join a social loyalty scheme.
  • Around 65% of frequent fliers want to earn social loyalty points by performing location check-ins or contributing to an airline’s Facebook page.
  • Four out of five frequent fliers think they could receive loyalty points by recommending an airline to a friends or providing positive feedback.

    Check out Kevin May's (editor of Toonz) post on for more!

September 26, 2011
The Psychology of Angry Birds #infographic | Adverblog

Do you have the Angry Birds Addiction Syndrome? 

July 27, 2011

Cartoon of the Day
Enter this week’s cartoon caption contest


Cartoon of the Day

Enter this week’s cartoon caption contest

June 8, 2011
"Pretty nice concept from the Miami Ad School New York. The concept was designed for Sharpie and it incorporates a social annotation platform based on interactive notes. The aim is to transform the way that we can read magazines on the ipad"

Magnotes: Social Annotations Concept

May 12, 2011
Most Viral Videos & Brands Of 2010 [Infographic] -

The infographic compiles all sorts of interesting data, from the most viewed and most shared viral videos, to the most viral brands by total views, as well as frequency of videos going viral, how many views viral videos get on average and more.

April 28, 2011
Infographic: The Social Consumer

We are already seeing that this year is going to be an exciting one for brands to embrace social commerce with smart, innovative campaigns. Brands are moving towards integrating physical and online stores into the consumer’s shopping experience…

March 14, 2011
Anuj Sharma - Button Masala

Think the title says it all. Going beyond fashion, Anuj Sharma adds a creative yet practical spin to his designs. He doesn’t boast of an academic degree of fashion designing, but I think he has an eye for ‘what really works’. Evolving further, Anuj has graduated his designs from buttons and loops to rubber bands, no stitching, hassle-free, easy to DIY outfits that you can change anytime you want. So, the next time it rains unannounced while you’re sashaying that long summer dress, just button it up into a short number, on the move.

I’m totally inspired.

Check this TED Video:

Here’s a glimpse of Anuj Sharma’s work;

1hr trial

February 28, 2011

February 28, 2011
Discovering the Me in social media

Brian Solis’s take on Behaviorgraphics

October 18, 2010
"The Adobe Museum of Digital Media, the world’s first virtual art museum dedicated to digital art & innovation."

The Adobe Museum of Digital Media

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